• Police Chief Dennis Nichols

    Dennis Nichols has worked for the City of Pryor for 38 years, now. In that time, he has been a patrolman, a sergeant, a detective, and for the past 24 years has served as Chief of Police.

    Chief Nichols is most often described as a fair-minded, extremely well-balanced individual, who has a genuine desire to help people, especially those who reside in and near Pryor.

    Chief Nichols has often displayed over the years that he is willing to do anything that he asks of his employees, having helped work dispatch, patrol, and taking care of animals at the Pryor Animal Shelter/Rockin' G Animal Shelter whenever manpower has been adversely affected.

  • Asst. Chief Derek Melton

    Assistant Chief Derek Melton came to work at Pryor Police Department in 1987, from Chelsea Police Department. Derek has worked his way through the ranks over the years, accomplishing titles of Corporal, Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, and now Assistant Chief of Police.

    Derek also pastors Grace Life Church of Pryor. He has been instrumental in helping cadets who attend the Thunderbird Youth Academy, encouraging them to grow strong in their faith, and to embrace the values instilled in them at the Academy.

  • Captain Steve Lemmings

    Captain Steven Lemmings joined the Pryor Police Department as a patrolman in 1993. Since that time, he has primarily been assigned to the Detective Division of our department. For years, Captain Lemmings was the lead detective, handling and overseeing hundreds of investigations.

    In 2013, Lemmings was promoted and assigned as Captain of our department. As Captain, Lemmings oversees the day-to-day operations of the department. He also manages our evidence and our animal shelter operations.

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